Vandy Vape 510 Squonk Refill Bottle 30ml


Vandy Vape Refill Bottles

These Vandy Vape Refill Bottles are the perfect accessory to any Squonk Device. This makes refilling a breeze. No more spilling and making a mess each and every time you have to refill your Bottle. The Refill Bottles come in 30ml. They are lightweight, easy to carry, & should be very travel friendly.  The Caps are knurled so it makes twisting on and off easy. These Bottles are made out of Food Grade Silicone & are Environmentally Friendly.

For those of you who Squonk on a daily basis, you know the pain that comes with having to refill your Squonk Bottle regularly. You all dread it, as do we. You have to take the Bottle out, refill it, & then put it back in. The problem lies with the last step, putting it back in. There is no way around it, juice will spill, sometimes on your fingers, sometimes on the Bottle, & sometimes back into the Device. It’s a real hassle to say the least. Well now a bunch of companies are coming out with Squonk 510 Refill Bottles that screw right into your 510 connection and allow you to refill your Bottle without actually taking it out. The way it works is you have to screw it into the 510, then you have to get the air out (squeeze it out) of the Squonk Bottle, & then squeeze the juice from the 510 Refill Bottle by Vandy Vape into the Squonk Bottle. It will not work if you leave the air in, you have to squeeze the air out for this process to work!