Be the first one to have the newest hardware!

We bring you the newest hardware, and we are usually one of the first companies to bring it to Canada. We have the largest variety of products, and for many products, we are the only distributors in Canada!

Premium, unaltered, US E-Juice!

As for the E-juices, we bring you the most popular US premium juice lines. We are constantly watching the market, selecting the most popular and desirable juices. For many hot brands, we are the only ones to distribute them in Canada!
Unlike other distributers, we do not add our own nicotine or repackage the juice. We import it from the US where it is mixed, bottled, labeled and packaged. We sell it exactly as we receive it in the original packaging. We do not add anything or alter it in any way. Get the original e-juice, don’t settle for the one that is nic’d and bottled by others!

Free shipping on all wholesale orders!

When your order is placed before 4 pm, we will ship it to you on the same day, and we will ship it for FREE!


There is no MOQ on any products that we distribute! Don’t get stuck with the product that you were forced to buy in large quantities, and that no longer sells. With us, you can buy as little or as much as you need.

Simple and easy online ordering system.

Easy online ordering platform – just add whatever you need to your shopping cart, and check out. All of our stock quantities are up to date. No need to wait for the invoice to be sent to you by the supplier, no more wondering if the items are in stock. With us, you can see the stock right away!

Have a question? Need some help?

Not sure what to order? Need more information on a product? Call us at 905-884-1221. We want you to succeed! We will make sure your store is stocked with the hottest, in-demand products.

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