Crumbz Drops

Shane “Saturn” Simpson and Jordan Nicolette, co-founders of Crumbz Vapor, made a big splash at their very first trade show, winning first prize for Best Breakfast at the Dallas Vape Showcase in 2017 for their signature Flakey French flavor. Their story didn’t begin there, though; Saturn and Jordan met in 2015 and started Crumbz Vapor in sunny Los Angeles, California, only a year later. Both had quit smoking using e-cigarettes and dove immediately into the business side of vaping – Jordan as an artistic crafter of e-liquids and Saturn as a skillful business manager – as well as becoming advocates for the electronic cigarette industry alongside the California branches of SFATA, Right to Be Smoke Free, CASAA and others.

Inspired by the quality and careful manufacturing practices of other California industry leaders, Crumbz Vapor features flavors that Jordan and Saturn love from the dessert table. Their blends were created to replicate the experiences of a sweet breakfast at Jordan’s favorite restaurant, Saturn’s grandmother’s famous Oxnard Strawberry Festival award-winning recipe for shortcake, and a special Parisian dessert that Saturn had on layover at Charles de Gaulle Airport and loved so much that he flew an extra one home in his backpack. Their passion for delicious food and delectable, all-day-vapes translates perfectly into e-liquid form, bottled and available to the world now as the Crumbz Vapor line.

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