Without further ado, introducing Mad Hatters latest e-juice crazy delicious creation, I Love Candy Watermelon. We all know that Mad Hatter has come out with some out-of-this-world dessert e-juice flavors like I Love Cookies Too, I Love Donuts Too and 120 Cream Pop but, their latest creation is truly a work of flavor art.

You will be astonished by the variety of different sweet flavors that you will encounter when vaping this e-liquid. Upon initially vaping Mad Hatter’s I Love Candy Rainbow vape juice,you will get a subtle yet delicious distinctive sharp taste of a tangy tart lime mixed with a delectable savory flavor of a sweet grape. As you continue to vape this e-juice, you will be surprised when you get an amazing taste of a sour lemon combined with the flavor of a juicy orange but, before you think you have tasted all the flavors from this incredible vape juice, you will then be hit with a sweet supple taste of fresh strawberries. Why buy five separate candy e-liquids to get those flavors when instead you can pick up some of this Mad Hatter juice that has all those flavors in one perfectly packaged e-liquid? Don’t taste the rainbow, vape the rainbow!

Available in a 100ml bottles.

VG/PG 70%/30%

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