The Smoant Rabox is an high-end unregulated mod that features a unique transparent look, a powerful built-in battery, resistance down to just 0.1ohm and two firing modes.
The mod has dimensions of 70mm x 31mm x 90mm, is made from 304 stainless steel, weighs 288g and is available in red.  What sets the Rabox apart from other similar mechanical mods is its transparent look which allows you to see the insides.
The mod is said to be able of firing with up to 100 watts of power.  Although  wattage output depends on voltage levels, the mod can be fired in either soft or high mode by flipping a switch on the side. The Rabox  operates in the voltage range of 3.2 to 5 volts and is able to fire atomizers with a resistance of 0.1ohm or more.   Inside the unit, there’s a pre-installed 3300mAh battery that will last forever at maximum output.   To recharge the internal cell, simply plug the unit into any USB outlet. Monitoring the battery level is also easy with an LED that can be seen thru the transparent chassis. The light will turn red, blue or green according to battery voltage.

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