Rebuilder’s Starter Kit

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For those that want to get into rebuilding their own coils but don’t know what they will need, this kit comes with everything to start on your way to great flavour and huge clouds!

Also included is the most popular and innovative rebuildable tank; the Kayfun (clone) and the famous dripper – Tobh Atty (also a clone).

Taking the leap into building your own coils may seem daunting, but with some Youtube videos and this kit, you’ll be experiencing the best flavour and vapour that you’ve ever experienced!

By purchasing this as a kit, you will also save 30% ($33.00) more than purchasing each item separately.

*Please note, you will require either a mechanical mod or a mod capable of variable wattage to use the Kayfun and Tobh atomizers. High wattage devices or mechanical mods are recommended.



Ohm Meter

510/eGo threaded for atomizers

Separate 510 connection for checking 510/eGo threaded battery voltage.

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Japanese Organic Cotton Pads

Sold in a pack of 5. This cotton cannot be compared to the regular cotton balls! The taste is significantly better, it lasts much longer without dry hits. It is also much easier to wick. Every rebuilder needs to give it a try!

Ceramic tip tweezers

Great for compressing your coil while firing. The tips are replaceable and heat Resistant up to 1300C.

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A1 Kanthal Wire

Kanthal A-1 is resistance wire used to rebuild almost any RBA or RDA. Each roll comes with 30 feet (10 meters) of wire in a gauge of your choice.


Tobh Atty

The Tobh rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) by TOBECO is made from stainless steel consisting of 3 pieces. An adjustable air flow control feature provides different levels of draw, while the unique heatsink design on the top cap allows the heat to dissipate. The internal portion of the top cap also features a conical design to decrease turbulent airflow or low pressure. The 510 center connection is made from copper to offer a strong conductivity and performance.


Flush Cut Cutter

Shears wire up to 18 AWG producing a flat, flush cut.
Shear cutting greatly reduces cutting effort and minimizes fly-off.
Cushioned grips and steel return spring for increased comfort during repetitive cutting.
Ultra slim profile increases access in confined areas.
Heat treated for increased durability.



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Cotton Bacon V2

The First Organic Cotton Engineered by Vapers for Vapers! It’s Not Just Cotton, It’s Cotton Bacon! Now upgraded to V2 for a purer and cleaner taste and vape! The Organic Cotton Bacon in each V2 pack is denser!

Made in USA

Organic Cotton Bacon is the cleanest, best tasting organic cotton on the market for vaping. Made by vapers for vapers! It does not add any unwanted flavor to your vape and it wicks incredibly well. Cotton Bacon comes in thin strips to make it hassle free. No boiling necessary, simply Pinch, Tear, Wick ‘N’ Vape!

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Kayfun Lite Plus

The Kayfun Lite Plus is an updated version of these popular rebuildable atomizers. Made from high quality 304 stainless steel and medical grade silicon seal, and many spare parts included, this is the ultimate rebuilder’s package. The upgraded Kayfun Lite Plus has adjustable airflow control, a recessed base and an extra Makrolon tube for a different liquid capacity fill. This highly sought out atomizer has a very unique design while retaining the outstanding performance, vapor production and a smooth flavorful taste. The fill valve has been positioned on the bottom of the base.


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