Phillip Rocke’s Vape The Rainbow 32ml

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The all-new Phillip Rocke Signature Series comes from the same lineage as renowned flavors Grand Reserve by Phillip Rocke, Carnage and Looper by ANML, and the full line of juices from Gemini Vapors. Phillip Rocke Signature Series is an ultra premium, top shelf brand of e-liquids created by renown artisan juice mixologist Phillip Rocke, featuring premium artisan-grade e-liquids that offer an unparalleled and refined vaping experience through its top quality ingredients and their special, hand-crafted manufacturing process.

The new Limited Edition Phillip Rocke Vape the Rainbow E Liquid is here! This is Phillip Rocke’s rendition of the beautifully crafted candy that’s all the colors of the rainbow! Every taste is candied perfectly with every vape.

-80% Vegetable Glycerin, 20% Propylene Glycol
-All natural flavorings specially curated for the perfect taste
-Available in 32mL Glass bottle

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