OBS Engine Nano RTA

The OBS Engine Nano RTA is a premiere single coil RTA designed as a flagship flavor platform that combines OBS’ Signature Side Fill System, a maximum capacity of 5.3ml, and a dynamic airflow system. Measuring 25mm in diameter, the OBS Engine Nano is a full flagship level platform with a maximum capacity of 5.3 milliliters. The Side Fill System is accessed and sealed via sliding the top cap up and down to reveal a single 5mm by 11mm fill port. The build deck of the Engine Nano RTA is deployed in a two post design intended for single coil configurations. The two terminals are positioned in a staggered formation for more natural horizontal coil mounting with each terminal measuring 3mm by 2mm and secured via top mounted hex screws. Airflow of the OBS Engine Nano enters through three 8mm by 2mm airslots located at the top of the chassis and are funneled into a 8mm by 5mm airslot at the front of the coil and through a 5mm diameter airhole to the rear of the coil. Presenting a full featured platform with tremendous tank capacity, intuitive chassis design, and a dynamic airflow system, the OBS Engine Nano RTA is a perfect solution for enthusiasts searching for a flavor orientated flagship atomizer.

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