Noisy Cricket 2-25 Mod


Wismec’s Noisy Cricket II-25 is an updated version of the Cricket Mod. Compared to the previous version, the device is more versatile with a new chip for voltage regulation and a new firing button location and an ability of flipping the circuit board for raw mechanical power.
The unit features the option to have the circuit in parallel or series with two alternate modes available in the latter.  You can choose from either direct output or constant voltage output.  To switch between parallel or series, simply turn over the circuit board.  With the circuit in series, the voltage is adjusted via a unique regulating switch on the side which allows for settings from 2V to 6V.
The firing button has been relocated from the top to the top/side and features an LED battery display function.  When the light stays on or flashes slightly after a puff, you’ll know battery voltage is adequate.  If the LED flashes frequently, it’s time to install new battery cells as voltage is low.
The mod also has multiple safety protection systems to make it more reliable and safe.  There’s atomizer protection, short circuit protection and low voltage protection built into the device.

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