I Love Candy Blue Raspberry by Mad Hatter E-liquid 100ml

Without further ado, introducing Mad Hatters latest e-juice crazy delicious creation, I Love Candy Blue Raspberry. We all know that Mad Hatter has come out with some out-of-this-world dessert e-juice flavors like I Love Cookies Too, I Love Donuts Too and 120 Cream Pop but, their latest creation is truly a work of flavor art.

Upon initially vaping this unique one-of-a-kind sweet candy e-juice, you will be encountered with a surprisingly subtle yet balanced slightly sweet taste of a freshly picked raspberry and before you start to believe that the taste is going to be over, you are met with a nice sour raspberry flavor that will have you believing you are eating a real hard candy. Who doesn’t hate picking candy from their teeth or having to worry about going to the dentist for a potential candy cavity? Well with this incredibly identical blue raspberry candy flavored e-juice, that is one problem you will never have to worry about again. So save yourself the hassle and pick you up some this amazing juice! Available in a 100ml bottles.

VG/PG 70%/30%

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