The Triade DNA 25o by Lost Vape is an updated version of the Triade DNA 200.  Compared to its predecessor, the Triade DNA 250 features a 50 watt power increase to 250W, faster USB charging at 2 amps, a 55A current output limit, on-board reverse voltage protection, a higher current fuse and an easier stainless steel temperature control system.
To put out the massive 250 watts, the Triade utlizes triple 18650 batteries which are conveniently accessed via the back leather battery panel.  The door is easy to remove, but will stay in place due to two powerful magnets that hold it down.  Just as its predecessor, the mod is also built with on-board micro USB charging, but charging is much faster at 2 amps.  On-board charging is also safer with cell-by-cell monitoring which prevents excessive discharge and  cell balancing which ensures all cells are charged equivalently.  And, the battery bay is made with high quality materials and features gold plated contacts of which the negative one is springloaded to ensure easy battery installation.  Best of all, you can continue to vape while the DNA 250 is plugged in, thanks to a passthrough charging setup.
The Triade DNA250 integrates Evolv’s most powerful chipset, featuring incredible 97% output efficiency rating, tremendous range from 1 to 250 watts, full temperature control with wide range of heating elements, and coupled with Escribe software for the most customizable and upgradeable output capability. Fully upgraded in performance while retaining the pinnacle of designs in reconfigurable devices, the Lost Vape Triade DNA250 is the ultimate flagship output technology.

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