Lemon Bar by Loaded E-Juice 120ml

$39.99 $29.99

Lemon Bar by Loaded E-Liquid 120ML has the delicious flavor profile of extravagant lemon infused custard dessert bar. This is the newest addition to the Loaded E-Liquid flavor line and it is super enjoyable!

The inhale brings forth a sweet lemon flavor sensation that will serenade your taste buds like an angel playing the harp while your laying in bed. The inhale perfectly primes the taste palate for the burstful flavor exhale that is about to occur. Upon exhaling this Loaded E-Liquid vape juice flavor is when the creamy custard dessert bar comes into play and complements the lemon inhale perfectly! From inhale all the way to the exhale you will experience nothing but premium flavor that never fades!

The throat hit of this e juice is very soft and subtle experience. There is absolutely no burning or charring sensation whatsoever so you do not have worry about an irritated throat after exhaling! You can fully enjoy this flavor profile through and through without thinking about repercussions.

VG/PG – 70%/30%