iJoy EXO RTA Tank


the iJoy EXO RTA Tank is the modern evolution of iJoy’s dedication towards innovative atomizers, presenting a versatile, interchangeable deck system coupled with a plethora of ergonomic functionalities such as extended juice capacity and ample airflow system. An extension of upgrades from the highly recognizable iJoy Combo and Limitless series, the EXO RTA measures 26mm in diameter and 2 milliliter juice capacity in standard configuration refilled via convenient threaded top-fill. The option of 6mL is included within the package, offering a glass extension and chimney extension for extended range and effectiveness. Continuing the versatility of the entire apparatus, the EXO RTA features a unique interchangeable deck design that includes two highly apable buid decks. For performance-orientated outputs, the preinstalled TS2 Deck implements a two-post, dual terminals design with large 3mm by 2mm terminal openings to accommodate a wide range of large coil structures and exotic configurations. The T1S Deck is built with enhancement towards the flavor department, dedicated for single coil configurations with a two-post, single terminal per post with a central internal 5mm airtube for additional airflow throttle. Airflow enters through the entire structure through dual 14mm by 2mm airslots located around the base of the EXO RTA, providing precision airflow adjustments and cooling properties. Brilliantly executed with an array of versatile functionalities, the iJoy EXO RTA Tank is a premier all-around tank systems for building enthusiasts.

Available in S/S only.

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