Upcoming Price Changes Due to Federal and Provincial Excise Tax Increase

Dear valued customer
Starting July 1, 2024, Canada will see an increase in the federal excise tax on vaping products. This change involves a federal tax hike and the introduction of harmonized provincial excise taxes in several regions, effectively doubling the existing excise duties.

Federal Tax Increase: The federal excise tax on vaping products will see a 12% increase ($1.12 per 2ml). For example, a 30mL bottle of e-liquid, which currently incurs a $7 federal excise tax, will now face a $7.84 tax due to this hike.

Provincial/Territorial Excise Taxes: Provinces such as Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories will introduce their excise duties matching the federal rates; this means that in these provinces, the total excise tax on a 30mL bottle will be $15.68 ($7.84 federally and $7.84 provincially), effectively doubling the cost
Retailers will have until September 30, 2024, to sell through inventory with only the federal excise stamp. After this date, all products must bear new federal and provincial excise stamps to be legally sold in Canada Wide

The transition period granted by the CRA is from July 1, 2024, to September 30, 2024, during which all inventory with old excise stamps can be legally sold Canada-wide. During this time, new federal and/or provincial excise stamps must be applied to all products per the new regulations based on the province and/or territory the product is to be shipped. We encourage you to stock up on your favourite e-liquid products while quantities last before the new costs take effect. At Ace Vaper, we are proactively taking all necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition. However, we cannot predict how long our current stock will last through this period, after which prices will increase according to the new excise taxes Canada-wide.

Ace Vaper is committed to assisting you through these changes. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about excise tax changes. Thank you for your continued partnership and cooperation as we navigate these changes together

Current Federal Excise Tax New 12% Increase excluding ON, QC, NWT, NU Canadian Federal Excise Tax New Harmonized (Provincial Territorial) ON, QC, NWT, NU Excise Tax
STLTH PODS 3 x 2ml pods $3 $3.36 $6.72
PLUS PODs 4 x 4ml pods $4 $4.48 $8.96
20ML Disposable $6 $6.72 $13.44
30ML Bottle $7 $7.84 $15.68
60ML Bottle $10 $11.20 $22.40
100ML Bottle $14 $15.68 $31.36
120ML Bottle $16 $17.92 $35.84