Strudelhaus by The MilkMan E-Liquid 60ml


Strudelhaus by The Milkman – 60mL

From The Milkman: The Milkman is back with another brand new flavor!
The Milkman delivers again! This time with a warm and flaky strudel loaded with sweet blueberries, filled with cream, and topped with powdered sugar—it’s a divine pastry experience! The sweet and creamy blueberry indulges your senses with a reminiscent decadence from times past—as premium Milkman flavors always do—and the flaky crust and powdered sugar on the finish complete your experience with wholesome perfection. Strudelhaus scrumptiously meets the Milkman’s high standard of excellence, and we’re sure it’ll meet yours too. And as always, each 60mL bottle ships in an official Milkman milk carton carrier.


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